Headquartered in Green River Wyoming, USA Korean Karate Association is a fraternal organization of Korean Style Martial Arts Practitioners Dedicated to the preservation of traditional training techniques. As such USA Korean Karate Association members are held to a high standard and expected to model and instill in students a respect for tradition, moral values, and  compassion.

Founder and President


Master Brian P. Kaumo, VII Dan is a lifelong martial artist with over 35 years of experience in the Korean Martial Arts. He is a member of multiple martial arts organizations actively teaching  classes and seminars throughout the United States.


1st Dan 1984

2nd Dan 1986

3rd Dan 1988

4th Dan 1993

5th Dan 1998

6th Dan 2004

7th Dan 2013

B.A. Education 1993

M.A. Education 1999

Ed.S Education in Progress

CIPM Certified

Tradition Values Respect